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Rila Monastery

ISBN: 9789545002359

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The Thousand-Year Old Holy Cloister

...ided Shared Trip from Sofia (From $45.96) Full-Day Rila Monastery, the cave of St ... Добре дошли на официалната интернет страница на Рилската ... ... .Ivan and Boyana Church Tour from Sofia (From $33.89) Rila Monastery and Boyana Church Tour (From $36.33) Rila Monastery's fortress-like complex engulfs 8800 sq m, and within its stone walls you'll find remarkably colourful architecture and religious art. Visitors can't fail to be struck by its elegant colonnades, archways striped in black, red and white, and the bright yellow domes of its main church, beneath which dance apocalyptic frescoes. The Rila Monastery is located in 1147 meters altitude in the middle of the frag ... .::Rila Monastery::Beginning::History::. ... . The Rila Monastery is located in 1147 meters altitude in the middle of the fragrant coniferous forests of Rila Mountain. The monastery is a complex of cultural, dwelling and farming buildings which take about 8800 square meters. The Rila Monastery has an unique architecture. Outside, the monastery looks like a fortress. Добре дошли на официалната интернет страница на Рилската света обител! Тук ще намерите полезна информация за манастира и неговото устройство, а също и за неговия основател - св. Йоан Рилски Чудотворец. The complex and church of Rila monastery: open every day from 07:00h - 19:30h. The history museum: open every day from 08:30h - 19:30h. Ethnographic museum, Tower of Hrelio, Bulgarian renaissance guestrooms and Monastery farm: open from 8:30h - 17:00h. The history of Rila Monastery. The Rila Monastery was established in the 10 th century by the first Bulgarian hermit John of Rila, declared a saint while he was still alive. Saint John of Rila lived between 876 - 946. The first monastery was several kilometres upper in the mountain, in the area where the hermit used to live and pray. An easier option is to make a reservation at hotel Tsarev Vrah which is owned by the Rila Monastery. The rates are reasonable and it is located just next to the monastery. You can check rates and make a reservation online here: See p rices and details Rila Monastery and Boyana church are the most visited UNESCO sites in Bulgaria. They continuously fascinate and hold their visitors in awe. Our...